Myth: I can put “Fully Insured” on my website or vehicle. 

Truth: Be VERY careful with this wording. All insurance policies both Commercial and Personal have limits. The best alternative is to offer a Certificate of Insurance at the time the job is accepted to show proof of insurance. Tobey & Merrill Insurance listens to your business needs and daily operations. We will provide recommendations to cover your business and empower YOU to make decisions on what YOU need for your business.


Business Owners Insurance

This policy protects your property and liability to your business. Property Coverage would include your building and business personal property.  Liability will provide you with coverage for third party law suits and help keep you in business. This policy can also help cover your Loss of Business Income while your business is being repaired after a loss.

Inland Marine Policy

Do you own the building of your business? Or own a building with tenants? This will cover you Dwelling of your property.  Many policies have limits on certain type Business Personal Property, work with your agent to confirm if you need an Inland Marine policy to cover you Business Personal Property. For example, on a business owners policy most carriers have a limit on how much Fine Art will be covered.

Workers Compensation

Do you have employees? If Yes is your answers… you need Workers’ Compensation Insurance. This is mandatory (a few exceptions in some states) and can help keep your business open. If an employee has a work place injury this will pay for employee’s medical cost, lost wages, permanent disability or death benefit.

Business Auto

Do you have automobiles that you use in your business? Our agents can make sure you are covered for liability and physical damage depending on use of the vehicles. There are different coverages if you own, hire or borrow a vehicle. We will make sure to add the correct auto symbols to your policy. 

** Please note that this is only a summary of insurance coverage. All policies have specific terms, conditions, exclusions, and limitations. Please refer to the policy for a complete description of coverages.**

Additional Products

cyber security

Cyber Security Liability

Cyber Hacking is happening to EVERYONE from 1 employee to 100,000 employee businesses. When it happens to you they are not only taking your data but they are shut down and losing business until it is resolved. An attack can cost your company thousands of dollars. Talk to our agents about adding this policy to your account to cover you.

work environment2

Professional Liability

Do you make mistakes?  Even if we have been in business for 20 year, mistakes can happen. This insurance can help you financially from legal claims and lawsuits. Your agent can work with you on the best coverage since it all depends on your profession and risk involved. A surgeon will have different limits than web designer.


Surety and Business Bonds

Bonds provide a promise or guarantee for your job or to the court. There are several types of Surety Bonds and these are required by the court when there is an executor of an Estate or guardianship. Many professions who work in our homes are required to be bonded. Reach out to our agents to confirm which type of bond would suit your business.