Myth: I don’t need Life Insurance I no longer have a mortgage. 

Truth: Life Insurance has evolved and can help in case of chronic medical diseases. Medical Bills are one of the top reasons for bankruptcy. Tobey & Merrill Insurance can review your current policy to see if your life insurance includes LIVING benefits. We have multiple Life Insurance products to fit everyone’s needs

Different Types of Life Insurance

Living Benefits

This can be added to either Term or Permanent policy. This coverage helps pull cash from your life insurance policy to help YOU and your family while you are living with a chronic illness such as stroke, cancer, or heart attack.


This product provides a death benefit along with providing an investment vehicle. Permanent Life Insurance is more per month but it can help you save for retirement. 


Designed to help during a set period of time. This helps when you are still growing your saving but also helps protect your family if you have a mortgage or loan.



** Please note that this is only a summary of insurance coverage. All policies have specific terms, conditions, exclusions, and limitations. Please refer to the policy for a complete description of coverages.**