Myth: Homeowners insurance Dwelling Amount is determined by the Market Value of my home

Truth: Your home’s insurance is determined by the cost to rebuilding your home which is determined mainly by square feet, type of home, flooring and finishes in your kitchen and bathroom. Market Value includes land and location which your insurance does not cover. Tobey & Merrill Insurance asks the necessary questions to determine the estimated cost replacement and provides recommendations on what the proper coverage is for YOU!



Covers the Dwelling and anything attached to it, which includes your 3-car garage and your deck 

Other Structures

Do you own a detached garage, large shed or patio?  This covers structures not attached to your home. 


Covers your investment and assets if someone is hurt on your property. Make sure to pay attention to your handrails and stairs in the winter!

Personal Property

Pretend to lift your home up and tip it over and shake. Everything that falls out is your personal property.  

** Please note that this is only a summary of insurance coverage. All policies have specific terms, conditions, exclusions, and limitations. Please refer to the policy for a complete description of coverages.**

Additional Products

manufactured home2

Manufactured Home

Mobile Homes are handled differently from homes built on-site in insurance because they are not built on a foundation. Working with an experience agent is key to being insured properly. Manufactured homes can depreciate over time so the Dwelling amount and how the claim is paid is the top discussion between YOU and our agents. 

vacation rental4

Rentals- Year-Round or Vacation

New Hampshire has both Year-Round rentals for students and family, while also increasing weekly rentals in the summer at the lakes and the beach. Rentals are a large investment for the owners and we want to make sure YOU are covered. Our agents will have you understand as a landlord what is covered in your policy from the building to loss of rents.  



Have you read your Condo By-Laws lately? Every Condominium is unique and every Associations has different rules for insurance. Tobey & Merrill Insurance works both with Master Policies and Unit Owners policies this gives us knowledge on how both policies work together. Give us a call and our agents can review your By-Laws with you to make sure you are properly insured.